According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the three most popular information sources homebuyers use in the home search are:

  • Online Website (93%)
  • Real Estate Agent (86%)
  • Mobile/Tablet Website or App (73%)

Clearly, you’re not alone if you’re starting your search online; 93% of homebuyers are right there with you. The even better news: 86% of buyers are also getting information from a real estate agent at the same time.

Working with a real estate professional who knows what steps need to be taken and in what order will make you more confident as a buyer, better prepared and well equipped to make educated decisions to meet your home buying goals.

Here are the steps:

1. Initial Meeting | Establish A Time Line

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2. Buyer Agency A Mutual Agreement

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3. Connect With A Lender | Pre-Approval Letter

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4. Identify Property | Touring |Open Houses

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5. Make An Offer | What Is In A Complete Offer

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6. Post Ratification Process

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If you’re ready to start your search online, don’t skip over the support of an educated and informed real estate professional. You need someone at your side who can answer your questions and guide you through a process that can be complex and confusing if you go at it with the Internet alone. Let Laurel Murphy Real Estate guide you through the Home Buying Process.

Things to Consider When Buying a Home, download a free Home Buying Guide

We had such an amazing experience purchasing our first home with Laurel. She is truly client-motivated, honest and has integrity; she always kept our best interests in mind. She worked with our hectic work schedules, often viewing homes during weekday evening hours and weekends. She was knowledgeable in the area where we were looking to purchase, had a great network of connections (home inspector, title company, etc.), and was always available to talk/respond to any questions we had. We recommend her to all our friends!
-Danielle Goodhue