First Time Home Buyer

A real estate transactions success relies on ALL parties involved doing their part well, including agent, clients, inspectors, lender and title. The value is beyond measure when you’ve been connected to professionals who work together to get it done. Your agent is with you from the beginning, throughout closing. They’re in the optimal position to bring everyone together. An agent’s network of professionals is part of the value they add.

From left to right: Malcom Crane, Lender, Laurel, Happy Buyer Adrienne, Deirdre Brown, Title Attorney.

One thought on “First Time Home Buyer

  1. H. Klinger

    “A realtor offers properties.” That’s the easy part, like selling tickets to a show.

    But the show’s the thing. Success from countless details coming together, coordinated with expertise from experience that leaves everyone happy. Laurel Murphy knows teamwork. And she cares. H. Klinger

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